What Roses Mean in Russia

Flowers are the most beautiful gift that can be given or received by any one. Although the flowers do not last for ever but the message and the care that is delivered through those flowers last forever. Nothing else than flowers have the strength to fill our hearts with so much pleasure on receiving them from a loved one. All around the world flowers are believed to have their own language. Especially roses are the most commonly gifted flowers among all the cut flowers. Different colors of Roses in Russia too hold different meaning. Russian women love to receive flowers and take it as care and attention from their men. But there are some superstitions attached too with the Russians so never gift your gal the flowers in even numbers. Always gift the flowers in Russia in odd numbers because even numbers are funeral.

The different colors of roses are believed to send the following messages:


love, passion



tenderness, tender love, sympathy



There are two meanings – the positive one is friendship and joy and the negative one is cheating and breaking up.



enthusiasm and desire



silence, modesty, charm, innocence


If you do not choose to gift a bouquet of any one particular color of rose and goes for the one that have all the colors mixed than that will send only one message and that is that you appreciate, think and care about that special girl in your life.

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