Ways to Control Weeds in Vegetable Garden

Weeds are the unwanted plants that are hated by all the gardeners. Any plant native or non-native growing itself at an undesired place is called a weed. Weeds are not liked by gardeners because they become cause of lack of nutrition in their plants, flowers and vegetables that they grow and spend a lot of their time and efforts. When especially your vegetables are at the starting stage when they are just a seedling they need proper nutrients and sunlight the weeds should never be grown around.

The weeds actually rob the required nutrients and sunlight of the seedlings causing hindrance in their growth. To eradicate weed completely it is something impossible so you just need to be more vigilant with your vegetables as if left unchecked these weeds will take over quickly and will choke your vegetables out of beds. One have to be very vigilant regarding these weeds until the vegetable plants are not properly grown once mature they will be able to handle with this bothering but still try to keep removing them and don’t let them grow in bulk.

  1.  Turn over your top soil for about five to six inches and check properly for any weed roots or stems. If find any of them clear your soil and your plantation area completely first destroying all left over in soil.
  2.  Now plant your seeds or seedlings in rows. You will need to prepare proper rows and beds so that it becomes easier to recognize weeds and remove them. Keep digging in between the rows so the soil remain disturbed and weeds remain unable to take roots. If any weeds grow around seedling pull them of the ground and secure your seedlings from loosing their nutrients.
  3.  You can also lay black plastic or weed cloth on the bed that you prepare and than make holes at the places where you want to plant the seedling. It is better if you use the weed cloth instead of plastic because plastic will keep the natural moisture from penetrating into the soil.
  4.  You can also apply organic mulch to the space around the garden plants or on the weed cloth. This not only preserves the soil moisture but also stops the sunlight from reaching to the weed seeds that they need to germinate around your plants.
  5.  It is better to remove large weeds or weeds with long roots with weed cultivator so that the roots are also pulled out completely from deep under the ground.
  6.  Herbicides can also be applied in order to get rid of enormously produced weeds but be careful as these herbicides are toxic so get the ones made particularly for vegetable garden and take care in consuming any produce from your plants before washing it.
  7.  There are some crops and plants that act as weed suppressors they rob the sunlight the weeds require for growing, these include the low growing vegetables like squash, melons and beans.

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