Vitamin F & Flowers

Flowers are loved by people a lot but very few people know that they play a role of great inspiration and are fuel for the soul too. There are vitamins from A to E which are responsible for strengthening the senses, boosting bones and revitalizing the human bodies. A research has shown that flowers are named as Vitamin F by some because it helps us satisfy our tranquility, motivation, wellness, gratitude, love and buoyancy. According to research flowers hold intrinsic natural energy that, when used within homes for interior décor can act as an element to bring positive shifts in emotions and leads to purely an inspired living.

Humans and flowers both have the same life source to live that is oxygen, light and water. And when we have nature around us in form of flowers it makes our emotions go calm and harmonized. Researches at the very authentic universities worldwide have declared that flowers contain both scientific and emotional powers. It was found in a research that flowers cause instant delight and happiness to people and increase the enjoyment and contentment with life factors in one’s life. Harvard University recently did a research in which they handed over small bouquets to people in the regular routine life in morning and they found that there were immediate responses of being perked up, the effect that is very similar to taking the vitamins in morning.

Flowers are believed to be the easiest source of getting rid of everyday’s hectic life once a person comes back home. When we will have flowers around us even if we’ll get back home so tired the energies and strengths of flowers will make us revive our energies creating an immediate impact on our mood and soul. Flowers provide us with strength to refocus our emotions further more constructively to carry on with our life. There are believed to be seven soul stimulating energies gratitude, wellness, motivation and inspiration, love and romance, new beginnings, serenity and prosperity. These all soul stimulating energies can be gained by introducing flowers in our homes that will act as Vitamin F for the residents, which will increase these energies in them.

The Vitamin F floral arrangement for each of these energies can be created by taking factors like color combination, shape and significance, vase style, placement in the home and flower variety in consideration. Get your home filled with these floral arrangements, and give boost to your soul with these energies captivating you and your home.

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