Valentines Day and Roses

Valentines Day the day for all the people around the world to celebrate and express their love is all up. 14th February is the day that is celebrated each year by all the men and women in the world to express their love for their soul mates. When ever we listen about Valentines Day the thing that immediately strikes our mind are red color and the red roses. Red roses are like an essentiality over Valentines Day although other roses and flowers are also presented over Valentines Day like yellow roses are given to friends for expressing our love for our friends. But when there is a romantic relationship red roses are the best option.  It’s simple! Red roses mean “I Love You”, they are a symbol for romance and true love. Red roses stand for appreciation and fidelity and they are the strongest message of love you can give or receive.

The different roses that can be gifted over Valentines Day are

Red Rose

Sincere love, Courage, Passion, Love you.


Pink Rose

Grace, Elegance, Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft Pink) Admiration (medium pink), Appreciation (deep pink)


White Rose

Purity, True love, Innocence, Worthiness, Honor, Reverence


Yellow Rose

Symbol of Joy & Friendship, Delight, Welcome, Happiness, Caring


Peach Rose

Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation


Orange Rose

Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion


Lavender Rose

Enchantment, Love at First Sight


Many people now choose roses of other colors too to refrain from being very traditional and gifting just red roses. They often choose the color of Roses depicting the intensity of love of their, for their guy or girl.

If you want to send red roses to your beloved, be sure that you know that what each number of roses given mean because the message delivered through your flowers should be exactly what you want to say as if your relation has not reached to a level that may be depicted through your flowers that may make your partner offensive.

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