Types of Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements are important part of millions of peoples’ life everyday in the world. There is no other thing that is common as gift than flowers. Flowers have universal language so are used throughout the whole world for every occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversaries, religious celebrations or even over deaths and sad moments. Flowers arrangements are made based on different principles to make them appear nicer and balanced. There are different styles adopted too by the florists that define their lines for work. All the three styles oriental, traditional and modern are so different from each other that you see a huge variety of work with flowers, twigs and leaves done by experts.

The type of floral arrangements can be divided into four categories. These are categorized on the basis of the different ways in which flowers are being arranged by the florists using their expertise.

Floral Bouquets:
Floral bouquets are the simplest form of all floral arrangements. As compared to other types of floral arrangements, bouquets are easier to assemble too because of no much involvement for lines and other consideration in order to make it more presentable. The most famous flowers used in bouquets are Roses, carnations, daisies and tube roses. The simplest of all and yet this most common form of floral arrangement is the most liked one too as many people who are simple and wants their message to remain simple and straight use this type of floral arrangements to deliver their feelings.

Floral Baskets:
Floral baskets are another form of floral arrangements that are really popular with people especially for gifting purposes. Different types of baskets in different sizes are being used while preparing these arrangements. Choice of flowers is also made taking in consideration the size of basket. Sometimes these baskets are arranged so beautifully that they do not only contain flowers but also chocolates and fruits. These special baskets are prepared on occasions and gifted particularly on events like Christmas, Mothers day and many other local events in each of the country in world. While these flower baskets are very famous for presenting over formal dinner invitations too and sometimes on casual ones also. In many countries its part of ethics and culture than when some one invites you for a dinner or a meal over their place you take some floral or fruit baskets with you as a token of thanks from you over their courtesy for inviting you.

Floral Wreaths:
The wreaths are the form of floral arrangements that are formed in circular garland type shape and is all made up of flowers and foliage. It’s simply more of looks like a wheel that is being made of flowers stems and leaves. These floral wreaths are basically meant for honoring or celebration. These Floral wreaths are widely used over funerals for honoring the deceased and often given as welcome gift to guests invited over dinner on occasions like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. These wreaths basically appear to be a very beautiful form of floral arrangement specially when made with white flowers for funerals.

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