Tips for Protecting Tomato Plants from Rabbits

Many people just dream of the life when you are living on a small farm house in rural are and have a small garden or farm where you can satisfy your craving for gardening and have wildlife right outside your door. This seems to be really perfect but having wildlife so near makes it difficult for people to keep these hungry grazers out of the farms that have been worked hard upon. Either fruits or vegetables whatever would have been grown by the people owning farm they would have spent hours and hours in preparing the place for proper growth of plants and would have than spent time in providing with water and taking care of all other needs before its time for them to get the fruit of their efforts.

Among all the animals that may ruin your farm rabbits are the most common ones in rural areas. Rabbits are highly attracted towards the freshly grown vegetables and even if you will plant just a few of tomatoes outside your kitchen

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