Tips for Controlling Tree Pests & Diseases

There are many people who stick to growing the plants and vegetable in their gardens and yards but very few of them go for growing trees. Those who grow trees usually think that there tree are not vulnerable to any diseases or pests because they are too large and huge and can fight any invader attacking them. This is a great misconception amongst all the growers because even the trees are equally to the pests and diseases in fact it is even harder to get rid of any infections developed in trees than in plants because they are huge and diseases have also developed on larger scale. Thankfully there are numerous solutions for getting rid of all these problems. So if you are one of those growers who love to have trees in their gardens should find all these really helpful to keep your trees healthy and ever growing.

Removing Infertile/ Dead Parts:
As soon as you observe any signs of discoloring and spotting on leave or find dead leave immediately remove them. Even if you find any dead branches in your trees you need to remove them immediate so that the infection is not infested to the other parts of tree. Every time you cut a branch you will need to clean your pruning shears by rubbing alcohol over them so there are no chances of spread of disease because of any germs present on the shear. You will have to carefully collect all the debris and dispose it off properly enclosing it all in a garbage bag or by burning it out because leaving it around the tree on the ground will not be the solution to your problem as the infection will again attack your tree.

You need to water your trees properly and as they want it. Always try to water early in the morning so the humid environment is not created around trees on watering at later time of the day. Try to use drip hose so the water does not splashes that may cause fungal infection and blight over leaves. Take care that there is not need of watering your tree when the ground is already damp or there is water already standing around your tree or you will end up with the worst problem of all that is roots getting rotten.

Remove Shoots:
All the shoots that are observed to be growing around your tree need to be removed immediately because they do not only make your tree fall short of nutrients but are also very much vulnerable to diseases and infections like fungi, bacteria and can be attacked by pests too. Remove these shoot immediately so that these small infections do not turn out to be large when attack your tree and than it will become difficult for you to control them.

Disease-Resistant Trees:
Before you plan to plant a tree takes information regarding the diseases and pests your area mostly develops complaints of. If your area is drought hit one than you definitely need to get tree that is drought-resistant. If you have a problem of some particular pests in your area; than you definitely need to get the tree to plant in your garden that is either unattractive for those pests, or that carry a very little damage due to those pests. This will save you a lot of time and energy for longer period of time and will help you in maintaining healthy tree.

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