The Language of Flowers

The Turks in the 17th century are believed to have developed flower meanings. In 1718 the wife of the British ambassador to Constantinople, Lady Mary Wortley, wrote a letter illuminating on the “Secret Language of Flowers” that she had discovered during her visits to Turkey. Europe quickly picked up on the concept and than this trend of presenting flowers as gift according to their meaning took off.

Flowers and floral arrangements have a meaning of their own. It is known by majority of people that a dozen red roses mean, “Be mine.” But do you know, that that a purple hyacinth means, “Please forgive me,”  or a primrose means, “I can’t live without you,” or that a gladiolus means, “Give me a break?” or that a pink carnation means, “I’ll never forget you,”.

Flower meanings are used to convey the accurate feelings with the same depth and emotion as felt. With the variation in numbers of flowers, colors and types of flowers different messages are delivered through forming a floral arrangement and so the giver never needs to say it out him or her self.  Here is a short list of few flowers and their meanings to choose from when you want to express a particular feeling of yours.

Almond flowers – Hope
Anemone — Forsaken
Aster — Symbol of love
Balm — Sympathy
Basil — Best wishes
Bay leaf — “I change but in death”
Bell flower, white — Gratitude
Campanula — Gratitude
Carnation, pink — I’ll never forget you
Carnation, red — My poor heart aches for you
Carnation, striped — Refusal
China rose — Beauty always new
Chrysanthemum — Love
Clover, four leaved — “Be mine”
Coreopsis — Love at first sight
Cuckoo pint — Ardor
Daffodil — Regard
Daisy — Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”
Fennel — Flattery
Fern — Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not — True love
French Marigold — Jealousy
Gardenia — Ecstasy
Gentian — Loveliness
Hare bell — Grief
Heartsease — “I am always thinking of you”
Honeysuckle — Bonds of love
Heather — Admiration
Hyacinth — I am sorry, Please forgive me
Ice Plant — “Your appearance freezes me”
Lemon Balm — Sympathy
Lilac — First love
Orchid — Love, beauty, refinement
Pansy — Loving thoughts
Poppy, red — Consolation
Primrose — I can’t live without you
Rose, cabbage — Ambassador of love
Rose, red — Love
Rose, pink — Grace, beauty
Rose, yellow — Friendship
Snowdrop — Hope
Star of Bethlehem — Purity
Tuberose — Voluptuousness
Tulip, red — My perfect lover, Reclamation of love
Violet — Loyalty, modesty, humility
Violet, blue — Faithfulness
Wormwood — Grief
Yew – Sorrow

Check this list out and you will find the flowers to send to your loved ones whether it’s a moment to cherish or a moment of grief or sorrow.

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