Summer Flowers

Flowers are one of the most spectacular creations of the nature and probably the best way for sharing sentiments. Especially, summer flowers also provide an excellent opportunity to give your place a stunning visual and aromatic beauty.

With a huge variety of summer flowers, the garden blooms are at their peaks. Selection of right summer flowers depends upon the climatic conditions you live in. Drought-tolerant plants are ideal summer choices. Similarly native plants could be the best choices as they are geared toward the climatic and weather conditions of your place. Native flowers also attract beautiful butterflies and other wildlife, for example hummingbirds, and thus result in a garden with added beauty, vibrant colors and melodious voices.

Many plants also have the tendency to grow well in different climates. These include petunias, zinnias, marigolds, deer grass, etc. Impatiens and columbine are a little more delicate flowers and likely to be planted with shade.

Some famous types of summer flowers are discussed below.

Amaranthus is an exotic plant grown for its vitamin fortified grain and the beautiful blue, red and purple blooms and is perfect for flower beds and borders.

American Persimmon:
Also known as Possumwood, the American Persimmon is a tall plant which produces edible fruit. The plant features creamy-yellow bell shaped aromatic flowers and grows wild in the southeast.

The Bouvardia is an evergreen plant with star shaped flowers, green leaves and tall stems and thrives in high heat with moderate water. Flower features clusters of yellow, red, white and pink.

Bird of Paradise:
The individual bloom of this unique flower resembles like a bird having bright colors such as orange, yellow, blue and white.

The bellflower, thrives in July-September season, resembles tiny bells having colors from blue to purple, pink or white. The leaves are narrow and toothed.

The plant needs a lot of water. The cluster offers star-shaped pink, red, purple, blue and white flowers.

Lily of the Nile:
In fact it is amaryllis, not lily. Also known as Agapanthus, the Lily of the Nile features funnel-like flowers having various shades of blue.

Pansies and Violets:
Great flowers for flower beds having tons of colors! Potted plants are good enough to adorn your front porch. These flowers may bloom throughout the summer season provided proper maintenance.

Pink Cone Flower:
A wonderful selection for any uncovered garden bed during mid-summer to fall! The flowers grow up to 3 inches and an ideal choice for the back of the flower bed.

Shasta Daisy:
The Shasta Daisy is a tall flower that is tolerant for full sun and heat. The flower may offer blooms for all summer or mid-summer through fall.

Brown-Eyed Susan:
Like Shasta Daisy, the Brown-Eyed Susan is also sun-sturdy, and features deep orange blooms with brown center during all summer or mid-summer through fall.

Comes with a variety of green shades, these low yet leafy plants are great for borders. The tall stemmed flowers bloom from the centers during mid-summer.

Butterfly Bushes:
These are very fragrant flowers that bloom most of the summer. Not only they can withstand with summer heat, but also they attract butterflies and pollinating bees to your summer garden.

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