Some FAQs about Retaining Floral Arrangements

Flowers and floral arrangements are generally considered to be precious and heart loving whether received in form of gifts or bought by any person to just make one happy from inside. Whenever we receive flowers as gift it’s the profound happiness and cherish moments that take over us as nothing feels to be better to get in gift than the beautiful flowers. Whenever cut flowers are bought or got as gift the very first thing that comes to one’s mind is to how to preserve them for the longer period of time so it keeps reminding us of love and keep effecting positively each day due to their presence. There are certain common questions that rise in mind of people during any such situation. Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding preservation of flowers for long and the answers to those questions.

  1.   What is the best way to take care of a floral arrangement?

Actually how you can preserve a floral arrangement that you have just got depends over as to how it has been packed. The way the flowers have been packed when delivered actually makes us decide as to what action to be taken with them to preserve them.
•    If the flowers received are in container with flowers foam, than you need to keep your container filled with water. Take care of the water level in the container and check it each day. Pour water in the center of the arrangement and keep you finger in there to gauge the water level.
•    If you receive flowers in flower vase check out for the water as it should remain clear. If it turns cloudy, change water immediately and pour in the flower food into it and do cut stems about an inch at bottom if possible.
•    If the flowers you received were packed in a box or tissues than take out the flowers and cut any foliage that falls under the water level of your vase and then cut the stems ay bottom for about an inch. You will need to add put flower food into it too.
Keep your flowers away from television, other electric appliances and heating or cooling units.

  1.   Why the water turns yellow or cloudy in vase?

If the water in your vase is turning yellow or cloudy this means this is the clear sign of bacterial growth in your vase water. You need to keep your vase water clean all the time else this will reduce the vase life of your flowers. Development of bacteria actually clogs and blocks the stems of flowers and they are deprived of getting any food. If this happens change the water immediately and cut the stems at bottom too.

  1.   Since sunshine is important for flowers should cut flowers be kept in sunlight too?

Flowers need sunlight for maturation, once you have cut them off the plant keeping them in sunlight would make them wither away sooner so keep your cut flowers away from direct or indirect sunlight and drafts.

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