Rainforest Themed Center Piece

Rainforests are lush, green, abundant and brilliantly-colored through the plumage of birds and flowers. Now when it comes to preparing a center piece that is rain forest themed than it should be flocked with exotic flowers like bird of paradise, ginger flowers, orchids, protea and anthuriums. If you will use the flowers only to create this center piece than it will last for hardly a week or two where as you may use living plants to prepare this and it will last for months.

  1. Take a bamboo box and fill it then with the coconut fiber. Cut the plastic for the size of bamboo box to spread under the fiber so that water does not leak from the box on to the furniture.
  2. Now taking a ceramic pot put Styrofoam in it but it should remain under the rim of pot. Cover the foam with sphagnum moss and push the tree branch into the foam.
  3. Now place the pot with branch in it into one corner of bamboo box about 6 inches away from the corner, now put two orchid plants on either side of the tree branch pot.
  4. About 3 inches away from the other corner of bamboo box, place bromeliad and put remaining orchids in the center of box at front side.
  5. Use vines or creeping fig to cover the tree branch and stems by wrapping them completely and you may use floral tape if needed.
  6. Fill in with assorted house plants and ferns. Many house plants originated in tropical rainforests. Place the plants as close together as possible. Put taller plants towards the back and sides of the arrangement and smaller plants toward the front and middle of the arrangement. There should be no gaps between the greenery. Cover any visible soil with sphagnum moss.

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