Preserving Boxwood Wreath –

Wreaths are a great beauty to decorate outer walls and doors of your home. Due to living nature of foliage used in wreaths, if you want to keep your wreath for long you will need to preserve the leaves before you make your wreath. If you are using the boxwood foliage obtained from your own garden or from area around your home than preserve the stems first too before making your wreath so this would make your wreath preserved for years as the foliage is preserved. Prepare an outdoor décor for your home that will last for years.

  1.  First of all cut some stems of boxwood using pruning shears. They should be about 18 inches in size so you can easily wrap and twine the twigs around the wreath.
    2.    Now get a bucket and mix in it one part of glycerin and two parts of warm water to make a mixture.
    3.    Now put all the stems on a firm surface like concrete and than hit the stems at bottom of about one inch to crush it. This is done to help stems absorb the glycerin mixture properly.
    4.    Now when your stems are prepared immediately put them in the bucket with mixture and let them soak in it well. Keep a watch because you have to maintain the mixture level in bucket that should be about at east 6 inches. So whenever you observe it reducing add in more mixture.
    5.    This whole process of preserving boxwood stems would take around 3 weeks time period. Let the stems remain soaked in mixture and keep observing the color of stems and leaves. The color of all leaves even at the top of stem should change their color. When even the top leaves’ color has changed this means the preservation process is complete.
    6.    Get the wreath form and start wrapping the boxwood stems around the form. Now take craft wire of four inches in length and twist them around stems securely to make them remain attached properly. You will have to keep adding stems to the wreath form until you find a beautiful, lush and full wreath in front of you. Add a ribbon bow to your wreath and it is ready to beautify your door or wall. You may keep adding fresh flowers to it time to time that you pick from your garden.

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