More Popular Flowers

Through generations, flowers have been used to convey sentiments. The popularity of flowers may vary from country to country, culture to culture and occasion to occasion.

Popular flowers in America:

Roses are perhaps the most popular flowers in America, and are available in countless varieties which include tea roses, climbing roses, long stem roses, and other new hybrids developed with different color combinations and distinct petal shapes.

Having a heady fragrance, lilies are feminine and showy flowers. Exotic Stargazer lilies are preferred for bouquets as they are the most aromatic among all the lily varieties.

Daisies are most often included in a cheery bouquet. Gerbera daisies feature large heads in soft pastels like yellow, pink and powder white as well as in bright colors such as fuchsia, orange, and shocking yellow.

Tulip comes in variety that includes the Double Early, Darwin Hybrid, Single Early, Single Late and Fringed variety. The Darwin Hybrid is mostly tied in tight bunches to be used for wedding bouquets.

Orchids are perhaps one of the most expensive and exotic flowers. Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, features large elegant flower heads and broad green leaves, and are mostly used in plant gifts rather than bouquets.


Popular Irish Flowers
The variety of Irish flowers includes more than 800 types of flowers having different colors and different plant families. Following is a list of types of popular Irish flowers.

St. Dabeoc’s Heaths:
A popular Irish flower from the Lusitanian Flora family that grows in clusters and features a purple-pink, bell-shaped flower with four lobes.

Irish Eyebrights:
Another popular Irish flower from the same family that is small and white, with a small lower lip.

Large-Flowered Butterworts:
The flower is violet-blue with a white center and has a slender, straight stem.

Golden Samphires:
Golden samphires appear in golden-yellow clusters and thus resemble sunflowers.

Blue-Eyed Grass:
These perennials are from the Lilaceae Flora family, and are small and blue with yellow centers.

Popular Flowers for Weddings:
Calla lilies are small, white blooms that mean happiness in marriage. Having the traditional wedding colors, such as yellow, white and burgundy, Calla lilies are elegant and great for wedding bouquets arrangements. Stephanus are a popular choice for wedding bouquets. They are small, white flowers that mean happiness in marriage.

Tulips are great for a bride as they offer a variety of colors. A cream colored tulip means a forever love and affection for the partner.

Roses are undoubtedly the most preferred flowers used in weddings. They offer various colors; every color has its own meaning.

Hydrangeas, come in a bunched form, are becoming more popular in wedding bouquets as they do not require much effort for making a bouquet.

Lilies of the Valley, having a great natural aroma, may create a beautiful bouquet with just two or three stems.

Popular Flowers for a Funeral

Lilies: Whiteness of Lilies symbolizes peace and innocence restored to the soul of the dearly departed.

Roses: White Roses are appropriate to convey a message of reverence, youthfulness and innocence.

Chrysanthemum: ‘Mums are used to show grief and sympathy to the family.

Carnations: For Carnations, red indicates admiration, pink symbolizes remembrance, and white conveys love and innocence. A mixture of three would be a grand arrangement.

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