Matching flowers and personalities

Flowers are supposed to be the best gifts given to any person around you in any relation over any occasion. Actually they are4 available in so many different sizes, colors and types that you are easily able to customize a floral arrangement for a loved one keeping his or her personality as well as the occasion and your relation to them in mind. If you work a little and think about the personality of the person you are giving the floral arrangement as gift you will be able to create a masterpiece that will definitely hold a great value and thoughtfulness as well as likeness for the receiver. Always the well thought and arranged floral arrangements are the best gifts to be received by any person. The careful selection of colors and flower varieties have all the powers to deliver your message perfectly to the person you are sending the floral arrangement as gift.

The things that you will need to consider before designing the bouquet is to know certain things and preferences of the person you are about to send the gift to. Like
•    What is the color liked by the person?
•    Is there particularly any color that is loved a lot by them?
•    What are their hobbies?
•    What is their way of leading their life and taking things coming up in life?
•    What is the message that you want to convey through the floral arrangement that you plan to present?

There could be found floral signature quiz over Society of American Florists’ Site and from their you can find out yours or your loved ones floral personality by answering few fun questions. By answering those questions and than getting its result you are able to analyze that what type of floral arrangements made in what colors and with what flowers would be liked by you or by the person you plan to send a floral arrangement gift. The basic floral signatures are explained below:

  1.  People who are Romantic have generous, spontaneous and extravagant personality and like to get the flowers in soft colors and light fragrance with a touch of ribbons or laces that might go with the romantic side of the personality.
  2.  There are people who are earthy, casual and prefer outdoors, they belong to the natural signature of personality. Flowering or green flowers or the meadow flowers with the emphasis over woodsy fragrance or materials would be loved by this type of people.
  3.  You may call the people as traditional personality holders who have the qualities like being trustworthy, family oriented and who like classic styles. For such people you should go for a lush floral arrangement prepared with various flowers in all different colors. This will create an excellent impact over their mood and personality.
  4.  People who are trying for personality improvement and are attracted towards unconventional things from the present age to the arts belong to the type of personality that falls under Expressive signature. Exotic flowers and an unusual combination of different shapes, colors and types of flowers would satisfy their lust for unconventional things with a bent of their personality towards being artistic.

These are the types of personalities that people generally hold around us and thus this over all analysis will help in creating out the best gift of all for our loved ones.

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