Ideas for Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Many couples make conscious decision to go green on daily basis, but not many of us think of nature when it comes to a large event such as a wedding. Thank God, you are not amongst the carefree ones when it comes to nature.
If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding in the most desired city of the USA, New York, and are not sure of how to plan such an event, we have your back!
Here are some of the tips that should help you profoundly!
Location is the key ingredient.
Fire Island Hotel is one such peculiar location for sufficing eco friendly wedding needs. If you are looking at celebrating your wedding at a banquet hall in Long Island then there is Carlyle on the Green that would suit your eco-friendly theme.
Long Island is known to host some of the best weddings in town regardless of how niche the clientèle requirements are. The best way to learn about their practices is by meeting them and sharing your eco-friendly requirements, which in return should help in selecting an apt party venue or banquet hall in Long Island. The staff there will help you choose a perfect venue that pampers your environmental needs.
Sending invitations
Send handwritten invitations or if you want to stay away from the hassle of writing by hand then you can get it print using soy-based ink. Although the best is to stay paperless and send e-card invitations. Guests whom you consider to be dear can be invited by a phone call.
Eco-friendly wedding rings
You would be surprised to learn that these days many jewelers use recycled gold. Make sure to buy rings from jewelers who are going green.
Local Flower Vendors
Spot a local flower vendor for your wedding. Use a florist who supplies locally grown organic flowers. This would mean that there will be less of transportation and so less fuel consumption. It will help in keeping the emission levels low.
Keep your menu organic
Make sure that the food you serve at the wedding is organic and healthy. You can pick up an organic cake from local bakery shop for your wedding. Request your caterer if they can serve vegetarian and organic. Be mindful of disposable plates, avoid them!
Wedding Favors
If you’re wedding is likely to happen during a pleasant season, outdoor locations will suit the best. You can have the wedding in a park or perhaps even on a beach. There are many party venues in Long Island, which you can check that might suit your eco friendly needs.
Avoid giving expensive wedding favors to your guests. Instead let them be made aware that you have donated some money on their behalf to an environmental charitable organization.
We all know how significant it is to be gentle with nature but only few of us make it a point to change our habits for the benefit of the nature. Hopefully by picking up the aforementioned eco-friendly tips for your wedding should send out a strong message to the invited guests, and soon you will have many following your footsteps!

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