How to Harvest Marigold Seeds

Every year people sow new seeds in their lawns and yards to make their lawn appear flourishing in summers and spring with flowers. Marigold is also a flower that is much liked by many gardeners. So those who grow marigold can save an amount of money spent by them every year on buying the marigold seed if they harvest some seeds from their marigold flowers to sow the same the next year. Each of the marigold flowers holds several seeds so you can easily collect enough of seeds for your next year crop. If you grow only one type of marigold flowers the seeds that you gathered will produce that one same type of flowers the next year too but if you grow different types of marigolds than you may be able to produce some hybrid or a combination of your current grown marigolds.

Here is how you can harvest seeds from your Marigold flowers.

  1.  Leave the flowers attached to the stem from which you want to get the seeds. Let it dry out completely in the garden. This will make the flowers wilt and dry and than about after a week the petal and shell will dry out and flower will turn to brownish color.
  2.  Now when you find your flowers dried remove one or two flowers of all those that you left for drying purpose and break the shell under dried petals. Here you will find small straight seeds if they are dark brown or black in color it means they are mature and ready to be saved for next years crop. But if they are not that dark than it means you need to leave them on for few more days to dry up and so the seeds may reach the maturity. After few days check another one or two flowers from the left over and see if the seeds have reached maturity now.
  3.  Now when you have checked one or two of your flowers and confirmed that seeds have reached maturity break all the other flowers off the stem just beneath the shell by pinching the stem between your thumb and forefinger. Bring the flowers in and store them in a cool, dry place to dry out completely for further one or two weeks. There should be no sign of moisture in flowers and should be light weight and brittle.
  4.  Now you have to open the shells and remove dried seeds from the flowers once they have been dried keeping indoor too. Now discard the dried out petals and shells and store the seeds in an envelope or a jar. Now store your seeds in a cool ad dry place until the coming spring when its time to sow the seeds for crop.

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