How to Design Herb Gardens

Herbs are great to be grown in the yards or gardens at home. Designing an herb garden at home means you have opened a wide range of things for yourself. Sitting and relaxing in herb garden is really refreshing and the refreshing that goes deep down the soul and stimulates the senses. Herbs garden is a great idea because it will bring more taste and fragrance to your food and will provide you with home remedies to lots of diseases. Medicinal teas are all made from herbs so you will have a whole lot of cures in your hands. Each of the herb have multiple uses so you can just explore out the wide range of benefits that you can gain of growing herbs in your garden. In olden days, our ancestors believed that having an herb garden is an essentiality for a civilized living.

Steps towards Making an Herb Garden:

  1.  The first step towards growing you herb garden will be to decide that what type of herb garden you want. Majorly there are two types of herbs gardens formal herb garden and wild herb garden. Formal herb garden is the one that is completely planned out and need a lot of hard work. In this garden type plants and groups of plants are divided through walkways or paths and it uses geometric shapes. If you have a lager area for your herb garden and you are going for formal garden type than your garden may include things like bench, water fountain or water feature by any other men. There is a special category of formal herbs garden and that is Knot garden. This garden is designed artfully and brings out the effect that resembles the thread of old Celtic knot work. Your garden can also be based on themes like fragrance or colors. You can grow culinary herbs or medicinal herbs in your garden or a combination of both too.
  2.  Now you will have to select the plants that you want to grow in your herbs garden. You will need to take several factors under consideration before deciding at any particular herb. You will need to check if the herb will go with your design, is it going to grow in your area and is climatically adjustable. You will need to check the sun and shade preference, heat or cold tolerance levels, size of plants, its growing habits, its color and the maintenance it will need from you. You can ask the workers at local garden supplies store or can go for a good book over herbs.
  3.  It is better to plot your idea for your formal herb garden design over a graph paper. This will allow you to divide each and every inch of your garden and so you can plan the plantation of herbs and inclusion of other features like trees, bench and fountain too. When you are plotting the graph always first place the permanent features and paths and than plan out your herbs placement over each inch of graph and during this remember to leave space between each plant for air circulation and do consider the width and height at maturity too.

Remember if you plan to design a formal herb garden this will require much more time and maintenance from you as compared to natural designs.

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