How Do I Charge The Battery On A Champion Dual Fuel Generator

How Do I Charge The Battery On A Champion Dual Fuel Generator?

The Champion Power Equipment 100637 9000-Watt Electric Start Portable Generator with CO Shield™ technology is designed to provide peace of mind and plenty of power when you need it.

Thanks to CO Shield technology, you can be sure that you and your family are protected from the dangers of carbon monoxide. Our CO Shield sensor tests itself automatically and lasts a minimum of a decade. If operated in inappropriate locations, the UL-listed sensor will alert and shut off the generator automatically before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide accumulate. This indicates the unit should be moved to an open-air environment with plenty of circulation.

This unit meets the ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 requirements to ensure the highest level of safety and performance. As a charter member of the PGMA (Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association), Champion helped develop this portable generator safety standard, including an important update addressing carbon monoxide safety.

The 459cc Champion engine produces 11,250 starting watts and 9000 running watts, and will run for 10 hours at 50% load when the 7.7-gallon fuel tank is full.

This unit can handle it all in an outage, plus the Volt Guard™ built-in surge protector prevents overloads.

With a noise level of 74 dBA from 23 feet, this unit has a 1.2 quart oil capacity.

Enjoy on/off push-button power with electric start, plus the Smart Charger keeps your included battery charged and ready while Cold Start Technology ensures a quick start in cold weather.

The Intelligauge monitors voltage, frequency and operating hours, while the foldaway handle and never flat tires make transport a cinch.

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What is the difference between an air-cooled engine and a liquid-cooled engine for a generator?

Air-cooled generators use fans to flow air for cooling the engine. While liquid-cooled generators use splash lubrication systems for cooling the engine. Generally, liquid-cooled engines are used on larger wattage generators

What is the difference between running watts and starting (surge) watts?

Running watts are the amount of power a generator produces continuously. On the other hand, starting watts are the amount of power a generator produces for short periods of time. Such as for starting up a connected appliance. Typically required for only a few seconds.How Do I Charge The Battery On A Champion Dual Fuel Generator 

CAN i connect a portable generator to my home?

No. Do not connect your generator directly to any electrical system. It could cause electrocution and cause damage to the equipment. A transfer switch must be installed to prevent damage. It’s also advised that a professional electrician install the transfer switch.

Do i need a transfer switch to connect a portable generator to my RV?

Yes, just like connecting to your home. You would need a transfer switch to connect RV generators to your motor-home (RV).

What do i do if there are any missing parts or anything damaged in my box after unpacking?

Please contact the dealer selling the generator. Replacing the missing items or changing the whole unit should be accessible. Never accept damaged goodschampion 3100 watt inverter generator battery replacement

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