Household Detergent Treatment for Aphids

If you ask any gardener what they hate most you will get one same answer and that is pests and animals that ruin their efforts and hard work done on making their beautiful gardens. There are many insects that attack the plants and than just make them wilted and damage them badly to even sometimes kill them. Aphid is also a very common type of insect that mostly attack the rose bushes and make holes in stems and leaves to suck all the water and starch leaving the plant deficient of nutrients it needs and making it wilted and pale. These insects are very dangerous because after ruining and killing one plant of yours it will immediately go for attacking the other one. If you ever notice the presence of aphids on any plant in your garden you will need to take an immediate action else it will be impossible to control them. There are many plants that survive aphid attacks but there are some that just can not stand it and produce than damaged flowers or fruits and even sometimes are completely dead.

Detergent Solution:
Aphids can be easily controlled through pesticides either homemade or the commercially available ones. They are highly vulnerable to these sprays. Many people do not want to go for buying commercially available pesticides thinking them as harmful for plants and people too so they can just go for a very simple home made detergent solution for taking care of aphids. Take 2 tea spoons of detergent powder dish washing or laundry one and mix it with warm water in a spray bottle.

Applying Solution:
As the solution is made in warm water, give it a little time to come to the room temperature. Once the solution is cool enough you can spray this solution on plant leaves, stems and flowers. Concentrate particularly under the leaves area because that’s where they usually form their colonies. Spray more on the parts where aphids are prominently appearing and get rid of these culprits.

This detergent solution actually destroys the outer protective shell of aphids and makes them vulnerable to dehydration and predation. This solution is also effective in killing the larvae of aphids.

Mostly people try to use organic methods to remove any type of pests instead of using commercially available pesticides so here are few alternatives to the detergent solution for getting rid of aphids. To get rid of aphids you can spray water with hose over the infected plants or alcohol solutions and neem oil can also be used in order to remove these critters.

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