Hanging Garden at Your Home

Anything that is in Seven Wonders of the World is definitely at the extreme of beauty and creative imaginations. These creative imaginations were the core reason of bringing up the things like Egyptian Pyramid of Giza, Hanging gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia and many more. Hanging gardens of Babylon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World because of the unique idea behind these gardens. This garden was created by building artificially mountains extended from a building and than beautiful gardens were created over them. Today you may also create beautiful hanging garden at your home by using different containers and baskets that you can hang with different things and at different heights. And this will be matter of no more than few hours.

  •  The very first thing you need to do is to choose the right place for your hanging garden. Your hanging garden can be made best at places like gazebos, covered patios and pergolas. These places will prove to be the most ideal for creating hanging garden. Sometimes your window boxes may also help you in creating a little effect of hanging gardens if you don’t have a complete closed place. You may hang your plant containers from the window boxes to land around the deck walls.
  •  Now you have to select the different plants that you want to grow and use in your hanging garden. They must be of different colors and sizes. You may go for plants that have leaves of different colors or small plants that have flowers. Mostly the baskets used to prepare these hanging gardens are around 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Spider plants, golden pathos, ivies and many others prove to be best for growing this way. You will have to plan your garden considering the size of space available to work over and the size of baskets you are using.
  •  Always look out for baskets for your hanging gardens that have drainage holes because otherwise you may end up causing mosquitoes and bacteria to grow in the stagnant water.
  •  You should line all the containers with coconut fiber or sphagnum moss to create a layer between soil and drainage holes.
  •  Now you will have to fill your baskets and containers with potting soil that is made for flowering plants. You can get this from nurseries or create yourself by taking soil and adding compost to it. This is done to ensure that your plants get all the required nutrients.
  •  Now you have to place the plants within the containers. Always spread all the stems of the plants equally over the sides of container so this will look a very lush and filled impact to your garden from all the angles one may look at it.
  •  You will have to hang each pot from the beam with the help of screw-in hooks and always hang your containers at different heights to make your garden appear to have an illusion of more fullness and definitely will look better aesthetically too.

Here is the easiest way to create a Wonder of the World at your home….. Enjoy being a little aesthetic!!!!!!!!

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