Flowers And Variety of Colors

Here we are back again with the continuing information about the flowers in different colors and ranges.


Purple Flowers:


  • Deeper shades of purple flowers such as wine, plum or eggplant are a symbol of glory and power.
  • Lighter shades of purple flower such as lilac, violet or mauve are linked to youth and feminine beauty.
  • Daisy (Purple):     Innocence, Royal beauty, love that conquers all, 5th wedding anniversary
  • Rose (Purple):           Everlasting love, love at first sight, style, enchantment, new love
  • Hydrangea (Purple):  Vanity, Boastfulness, Appreciation
  • Lilac (Purple):            First emotions of love, 8th Wedding anniversary
  • Lily (Purple):              Majesty, honor
  • Calla lily (Purple):      Sophistication, Charm
  • Orchid (Purple):          Feminity, Romance, Elegance
  • Hibiscus (Purple):       Majestic Splendor
  • Carnation (Purple):     Capriciousness, spontaneity, traditional funeral flower of France


White Flowers:


  • White flowers are often related to perfection, chastity and purity, carrying deep symbols of peace and calmness.
  • White Rose                           Virginity, innocence
  • White Lily                             Purity, Majesty
  • Camellia                                You’re adorable
  • White Hydrangea                   Friendship & Devotion
  • White Gerbera Daisy             Truth, innocence
  • White Tulip                            Forgiveness
  • White Daisy                           Freshness, modesty, simple beauty
  • White Calla Lily                    Magnificent beauty, innocence
  • White Orchid                         Delicate beauty
  • Magnolia Flowers                  Nobility, perseverance, love of nature
  • White Hibiscus                      Purity, fertilization
  • White Carnation                    Pure & sweet love, loveliness, innocence
  • Jasmine Flower                     Attachment, affection, sensuality
  • Lily of the Valley                  Return of Happiness
  • White Daffodil                      New Beginnings


Blue Flowers:


  • Light blue flowers are related to health, softness, tranquility and calmness.
  • Dark blue flowers are associated to seriousness, power, integrity and knowledge.
  • Blue Tulip                         Loyalty, Unity, Trust
  • Blue Rose                          Mystery, Youth
  • Blue Orchid                       Delicate beauty
  • Blue Calla Lily                  Royalty, Serenity, Peace, Tranquility
  • Blue Hibiscus                    Delicate beauty
  • Blue Carnation                  Tranquility, peace, spirituality


Brown Flowers:


  • Brown flowers are more masculine, conveying a sense of warmth and stability, due to the association between brown and the earth.
  • Brown Rose                    Friendship, warmth, stability, Thank you
  • Brown Calla Lily           Grandeur, dependability, mystery, magnificent beauty

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