Extending the Life of Cut Flowers

Flowers the gift of nature for humans are something that have the strength to make one’s day and leave positive impact on moods. Many people love flowers so much that they often bring in flowers from their garden to add beauty of nature to their interiors while some just get those flowers from the flower store. On the other hand getting flowers as a gift over an occasion or for just a gesture of love from a near one is something that cherishes every upcoming moment. How so ever and whatsoever is the mean of getting these flowers after getting them the one and only target of each person is to keep the flowers fresh and alive for the longest period of time.  As one also realizes the rise in prices and the cut flowers have become expensive a lot too so definitely everyone would want to keep them alive for long so can benefit from it for longer period of time. Take the following measures and feel the pleasure of extending your cut flowers’ life.

  1. If you are buying flowers yourself from flower stores ask for plastic bag and rubber band from the shop keeper. Now fill in the water in the plastic bag so the ends of the flower stems remain soaked in it and tie a rubber band at the face of plastic bag so water doesn’t fall and now keep it in a box in upright position. Always bring such a small box with you. If you are cutting the flowers from your own garden always take a bucket filled with some water in it and keep putting your flowers into that bucket immediately as you cut them.
  2. Now if you have bought the flowers from flower stores after coming to home fill your sink with warm water and place the stems immediately into the sink. If you have cut flowers from your own garden just pour the warm water in bucket and eave your flowers in the bucket as they were.
  3. Now cut an inch of stems from bottom at an angle of 45 degrees but take care that they should remain in water and as soon you cut them start arranging them into the flower vase that already should have water in it. Perform the same action with all stems either keeping them in sink or in bucket.

    Vase should be half filled with water and flower preservative packet poured into the water that is called biocide. This prevents the development of bacteria, yeast and fungus in the water and on flowers.
  4. Cut all the leaves that falls under the top of vase so they just do not remain soaked in water of vase because this will promote development of bacteria in the water and will reduce the flower’s life.
  5. After arranging all your flowers in your vase you need to place it at a place that is away from direct sunlight or cold or warm breezes. Just change the position of your vase at night and place the flowers in a cooler room. Next morning you can place them back to the place of your choice.

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