Evergreen Tree Seedlings

Flowering plants and vegetables are very commonly grown by home gardeners but there are very few who think of planting trees in their yards and gardens. There are still some people who would think of planting fruit trees but other trees are grown very less by the people. Still there are few people who go for trees like evergreen ones. Evergreen trees as obvious from the name remain their foliage through out the whole year and can prove to be an excellent addition to your landscaping. These trees when planted are definitely small seedlings or smaller plants but they grow too big so wherever they are planted this should be considered that enough of the space is provided to the tree for growing because they may grow up to 60 feet or even more than this too. These trees re great to grow, give a wonderful effect to your garden but they need a lot of care in the first few years of plantation so they grow stronger later.

Before planting an evergreen tree seedling you will need to analyze few things. You should always know that how much your tree will grow till its maturity because there are many evergreen trees that live for up to 100 years. So now keeping this in mind think of at how much distance you are planting this tree from your house, fences, walls, power cables, driveways and sidewalks. Than you will need to consider that are these trees native to the area you live in. In case the evergreen trees are non-native to your area of plantation than there will be problems in their growth. Check out if the tree is drought-resistant or it will need to be watered more. You may plant your tree near other drought resistant plants and shrubs if the tree is also drought-resistant.

Plantation Site:
Most of the evergreen trees grow best in well draining soil and with lots of direct sunlight available. So choose the place for plantation of your seedling that has these qualities present. If your soil is not of the type you may take a bag of top soil of this type and spread it to the area where you plan to plant your tree. But when planting seedlings take care that they are not able to stand the harshness of weather until maturity especially wind.

Tips for Plantation:
Take care of all the general plantation tips, no matter how your seedlings are packed. It is best to plant seedlings in months of January to March. The hole made to plant the seedling should be deep enough that all the roots of the seedlings are covered properly. Try to make the hole in depth double the size of the roots ball. Remove if there is hard clay soil at the bottom of hole that you’ve made because clay soil is not good at draining.

When you plant the seedling, you will need to water it well so the soil is settled properly around the roots. After that you will need to water your plant every ten days in first growing season. Usually the evergreen trees take 3 to 4 years in establishing themselves so up till that the gardener will have to keep taking care of water needs of the tree.

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