Etiquettes of Sending Flowers

Sending or gifting flowers is something very common all around the world. No matter what the occasion is, it is something to cherish or something that makes one sad flowers are so strong that they are able to deliver your feelings with complete intensity and power as you want them to be delivered. Our sentiments for anything either to show the love or happiness or to show our condolence towards the sufferers both can be delivered well only by flowers. Although flowers have strength to deliver every message yet religiously or regionally there are few things to be considered before sending someone flowers.

There are several occasions when flowers are sent to loved ones. Wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Easter/Passover, Thanksgiving Day are some of those occasions when you send flowers to your friends and relatives. Wedding flowers are both decoration and a tradition. When any gift is accompanied with the flowers it enhances the beauty of gift and emotion both. A flower is also a mark of love and can be gifted to your sweetheart or spouse on Valentines Day or wedding anniversary. It is also a way to say sorry or thank you to your partner. The most romantic flower gift always carries a special importance. Flowers are also a mean to express sympathy and commiseration. Sending suitable funeral flowers shows etiquette and means a lot to the bereaved family.

While there are so many occasions and events celebrated in world and on all people like to gift flowers because they are the best options there are still some times when you should not send flowers to someone basing on is religion or the cultural belonging. Like if you are a non-Muslim yet you have contacts with Muslim community than it’s not traditional to send flowers over deaths. Same way the colors also hold different impacts in different countries so like white is not believed to be depicting mournful or unhappy occasion especially in Asia and some other countries, so avoid sending white flowers on any occasion of happiness while being in these countries or when you have relation with people of these areas.

Correct number of flowers gifted also holds much importance. The appropriate number of flowers also varies place to place. In Europe and some other countries even number is not thought to be good so always gift flowers in odd numbers at such places. While in America a dozen of flowers are good enough. Number 13 s believed to be unlucky in almost all parts of world so avoid giving 13 flowers to some one. And 4 is a number assumed as a number of death in Asia so avoid giving 4 flowers to someone who is an Asian.

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