Effects of Sugar Water on Roses

Flowers are a great beauty and are adored by people all over the world. Among all flowers roses are called to be king of all flowers. Roses are just so beautiful and believed to be the best ones for giving as gift in floral arrangements. Roses are the most used cut flowers all over the world. Roses are often kept as cut roses in homes when got as gift or bought by one but like all cut flowers roses also wither away soon. This process of withering away can be delayed and the beautiful roses can be saved for up to several weeks if preserved properly and taken care of with sugar water.

Choice of Roses:
The first thing you need to check if you want to preserve roses as cut flowers in sugar water is that you have to pick the roses only that are just about to bloom. That is when the bud has just started to open. Analyze properly so you do not select the flowers that were reclosed or that appear to be loose.

Sugar Water:
As the flowers when they are on plants carbohydrates are required so is when they are turned into cut flowers. Cut flowers need even a higher amount of carbohydrates in order to remain fresh for long. Adding sugar to water and keeping flowers in that water allow flowers to get the carbohydrates through the simple sugar that you add. Treat your cut roses with sugar water and hydroxyquinoline compound to further increase the life span of your flowers.

Sugar Water Prepared at Home:
If you want to make the sugar water at home you will need to add up two table spoons of white vinegar, two tea spoons full of sugar and half tea spoon of bleach to one quart of water. As an alternate to this you can make a mix of 1 pint of lime or lemon soda mixed with half teaspoon of bleach and a pint of water.

Arranging Roses:
You will need to arrange and prepare your flowers properly before you put them over in sugar water. Take a bucket full of warm water or fill your sink with it and let your flowers soak in it for about half hour than keeping them under water cut the bottom of the stem about one inch at 45 degrees angle with a sharp knife and as you keep on cutting each stem place it immediately in sugar water you filled in your vase. One more thing cut off all leave from the stem before placing flowers in sugar water so the energy is conserved to be sued by flowers only. Keep your flowers away from extreme heat or weather changes.

Water Change:
Keep checking the level of sugar water. As it lowers you need to change the water in vase. Take flowers out cut the stems again the same was as you did for the first time and than place the flowers back in new sugar water filled in the vase.

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