Effects of Sugar and Water on Plants

Plants are just like any other living thing; humans and animals. There is a whole lot of process that includes the providence of essentialities needed by these plants. Generally water is something that is equally important for all living things in this universe. Plants also largely depend over the water supplied and also the nutrients that they get through the soil because that’s an essentiality for their growth. Photosynthesis is a process through which plants make sugar to provide itself with the required amount. This process involves the mixing of water and carbon dioxide by plants in a way that forms this sugar. Sometimes the gardeners also support this process by providing additional amount of sugar that helps in improving the condition of the dreary plant.

Importance OF Water:
Water is being taken up by the plants through their roots. Whenever we water our plants the roots start taking that water up to distribute it to all other parts; stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. There is a whole circulatory system like humans have one for blood circulation. This network working within plants to transport water to all parts and the nutrients absorbed from land with the water is called xylem vessels. Xylem vessels works exactly the same way as veins in human body and transport the nutrients and water equally to all parts of the plant. Plants use water in photosynthesis to create food for them. Water is also necessary because it allows plants to remain healthy even when temperatures are hotter as they start to evaporate the water in order to keep the surrounding temperature controlled.

Sugar Requirement:
Plants convert the sunlight as their food through photosynthesis. This food formed after all the process turns into sugar and is stored in plants. Plants use the naturally available carbon dioxide in the surrounding for preparing this food so most probably there seems to be no need of adding further carbon in form of table sugar. However, sometimes when the plants are young and still thriving to reach the required pace of growth due to some weakness and lack the normal growth they just need to be given extra nutrients in form of sugar. The sugar is added to the water given to the plants but beware; even a much of additional amount of sucrose is also going to turn out as harmful instead of being beneficial to plant.  The water composition changes due to adding sugar and so less of it is being taken by the plant through the process of osmosis. The positive aspects in it are that this helps the soil in retaining the moisture for longer time and attracts the pollination insects too.

Application Method:
If you need to add table sugar to the water of your plant because you feel lacking in growth of it than take a teaspoon of sugar and add it to two cups of hot water and stir it till the sugar is completely dissolved in it. After this leave the mixture so that it comes to the room temperature. Once it is at the room temperature pour the liquid around the base of plant. This process can be repeated thrice a week until and unless you observe a proper growth of the plant started.

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