Desserts Made of Edible Flowers

This is really something unique to many people when it is said that some flowers have been used in the particular dish sweet or savory. But this is a tradition as old as Roman Empire. Flowers add a wonderful color and taste to the dishes they are being added. Usually when it comes to going in garden and picking up something for the food you are cooking it is thought to be generally either vegetables, fruits or sometimes herbs but growing edible flowers at home is certainly the best experience that you will ever have. This will not only give your food color and taste but also make them appear really beautiful and attractive. Edible flowers taste and look best in many desserts and salads.

  •  Roses like are loved most for gifting to people the same way they are loved in desserts too. But be careful you can not use the rose petals of the roses that you get from the flower shops. The rose petals that you use in your desserts should be guarantied to be taken from edible roses. Just put the rose petals on a cake that is being iced with white or light pink cream. Or put some candied petals over a dessert by dipping each petal into egg whites whipped with little water and then coat them with sugar and wait for them to get dry and your candied petals are ready.
  •  A very elegant and beautiful way to present a dessert to your guests is that take a rose and make it hollow by just leaving the outer 2 layers of its petal and than pour in some ice cream into it or the whipped cream and serve it with cookies to see those wonderful expressions on your guests’ faces.
  •  Lavender is also a very popular flower used for baking or to serve with desserts. Basically it does not have that appealing presentation or look so they are mostly added in baking cakes and cookies. Lavender tastes and smells best in chocolate cakes, cookies and brownies.
  •  Whenever you use lavender flowers do wash them thoroughly and be sure that they are freshly picked. Dried lavender is used in baking by adding it to sugar for the added fragrance and it tastes excellent with lemon so try using the combination of the two.
  •  Carnations are little spicy flowers and taste and compliment better with salads or vegetable dishes but as they are really appealing and colorful so they just attract people when used over desserts for decoration. To reduce the spiciness of the flowers you can turn them into candied flowers and petals the same way you are told about the rose petals.
  •  Pansies are sweet little flowers that are colorful and taste like spearmint that compliment almost all the desserts so serve them with cakes and ice creams or with any other dessert.

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