Designing a Flower Garden

Designing a flower garden is not a big deal and there is no need of designers and landscapers to make flower garden at your home if you are gifted with a little patience and imagination which will be a source of timeless joy. Whether it is a large yard and garden, or a small place on a porch, or a balcony garden or patio, even if it is only a windowsill or planter, everyone welcomes the warmth and colors of healthy flowers in full bloom.

Seasonal Color Display
Before making an arrangement thinks about the color or mood you want your flower garden to convey. At first put them together to see if the arrangement looks good. It is good to experiment with different types of flowers, colors and seasons. For professional looking results, consider following a color theme and it is wise to choose a color that relaxes you most.

Growing Flowers in Container
If you like to decorate the walls of your garden with containers it is better to use big ones. A larger flower pot or container holds moisture for a long time and also provides enough space for the plants’ roots. Always choose a container that has drainage hole in the bottom to allow excess of water to escape. Place the containers where the light conditions are suitable for the plant. You can also plan about the plant after choosing the place–use flowers that prefer sun for the sunny place for example marigold, petunia, lantana, and salvia, and shade-lovers like impatiens, begonias, flowering tobacco and caladiums for a shady place.

Hanging Basket Tips
For a small place like a porch or deck a hanging basket or flower suits best. In this course it is chic to use different varieties of flower having the same color which gives a monochrome look. If there is no bright light in the place you are planting apply Pastel flowers to give a soft and cosy look .They are effective in shade also. Vivid bold colors – strong colors look best and will not wash out in bright sun.

?     Plan easy ways to groom your garden and keep it update as this count a lot. No matter which flowers you choose, each and every flower is beautiful and distinct from the other.
?     Design your garden in such a way that the plants grow in clumps as it is comparatively better.
?     Get known to the facts like which way is north when you are planning a design. It tells you how much sun different places receive. For example, areas close to the north sides of buildings get little direct sun. This will help you choose the flower types and color theme.
?     Look for likely spots for creating new flower beds that will serve as the borders and islands. Border beds are tied along one edge to a building, fence, or walkway and island beds are carved out of the middle of the lawn.
Perfect selection, proper design and good care of flowers ensure a look worthy flower garden at your place.

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