Common Flowers Used in Floral Arrangements in Canada

Like in any other part of world in Canada too it is believed that flowers have their own language and that sends the message that we want to send to our loved ones. Flowers are no doubt the most appealing and presented gifts over any occasion. Their natural beauty and freshness represent all the splendor of life. Basically as each flower holds a different meaning and conveys a different message so it’s always about selecting the right flowers for the occasion. Here you can find meaning of some flowers that are used in floral arrangements so this would act as a guide for you.

Apple Blossom:
This flower holds the meaning of “promise”. Apple blossom will act perfect on occasions like when you are formalizing a new relationship, making up after an argument or fight or making a commitment to someone or something. The pretty and fragrant pinkish-white blossoms of the apple tree are a perfect complement to an arrangement when it is being used to show your commitment and promise towards someone.

This flower says I am “aspiring”, so the suitable occasions for sending this flower are like high School or College Graduation, a new job or promotion or any type of personal achievement. The colors of this flower range from a bright orangey goldenrod color to a soft white with pink accents.

Baby’s Breath:
This flower depicts “festivity”. So all the occasions that we celebrate that bring festive moments in our lives are perfect times for gifting this flower like Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Mothers/Fathers Day, and Congratulations. Well the occasions for presenting these flowers are definitely not limited to these few named above. Baby’s breath is commonly used in almost all floral arrangements by florists not only in Canada but also in all other parts of world too.

Daffodil stands for Chivalry or Unrequited Loves. This is best to be given by a man to a woman to whom he admires or can be gifted by brother or a cousin to female relative to deliver the message that “I am there for you”.

Black-Eyed Susan:
This flower delivers the message of “Encouragement” from you. This flower is a good option for the occasions when you want to say to someone that “I support you,” or “I’m thinking of you.” The right occasions for sending this flower are when there is a death in the family, when someone has lost their job or when someone is going through rough times.
You may also send the flower “poppy” over all these occasions as it also sends the message of consolation.

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