Carnations Delivery in USA

Carnations are one of the very famous cut flowers throughout the whole world. They are very famous as cut flower because they are known to have a long vase life. Carnations are very popular as boutonnieres, in corsages, bouquets, and are used widely in floral arrangements. There are three common types of Carnations; the annual carnation, border carnation, perpetual-flowering carnation. It is always great to gift someone the flowers considering what message they send and different types of carnations send the different messages.

  • Carnation: Fascination, Woman’s love
  • Pink Carnations: Mother’s Love
  • Light red Carnations: Admiration
  • Dark Red Carnations: Deep love and Woman’s affection
  • White Carnations: Pure Love, Good luck
  • Stripped Carnations: Refusal, Regret
  • Green Carnations: St. Patrick’s Day
  • Purple Carnations: Capriciousness
  • Yellow Carnations: Disappointment, dejection

Just check how important it is to know the meaning of each flower so you can always send the correct message to your loved ones. Well who would not want to use such a rich mean to deliver their feelings and emotions over special days in their loved one’s lives? Express your love and support to your loved ones with whatever comes up in their lives either good or bad. Make them realize that you are with them no matter how far you are but you are always there to support them and share their happiness.

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