Caring Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are the perfect showstopper blooms as there are multiple blooms grown on one single stem providing with the best cut flowers to put in your vase. Who do not want to preserve the flowers kept in their home for long? With proper care for Dendrobium Orchids, they can last for around two weeks in vase and can keep soothing the environment around you.

  1. Choose a container or vase that is perfectly clean and for assurance its better that you wash it properly once again so no bacteria from last floral arrangement may harm your flowers this time. After cleaning the vase fill it half with the tepid tap water and add the flower food into it stirring it well enough so it dissolves properly.
  2. Now cut the stem at bottom at an angle of 45 degrees keeping the stem under the water. You can cut the stem considering the sixe of arrangement you want to prepare or the size of container. Moreover consider one thing while cutting that doesn’t make the stem go too small because you will be needing to cut it again and again every time while refreshing.
  3. Now place your stems carefully in the vase. Consider one thing that no flower or foliage should fall below the water level because that will introduce the bacteria to the water causing the life of flowers to reduce.
  4. Place your vase or container at a cool place that is away from drafts or bright sunlight. Keep flowers away from fireplaces or ripening fruits as the gases emitted by these harm the flowers.
  5. Every two to three days refresh the water in the container and wash it properly every time before you pour in the new water. Again add the flower preservatives and cut the stems same way at 45 degree angle. If you have run out of floral preservative, make one of your own by adding a tea spoon of sugar and two drops of bleach in water.

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