Black Flowers – Black Roses

Black flowers are very unique and are not found much commonly. There is a certain way in which the black flowers are used in arrangements or on events or occasions like weddings or on funerals. Black flowers actually bring out a very Goth effect when used in decorations. Black is also supposed to be color of mystery and sophistication. Black represents the negation of color, it is sexy and mystifying on one hand and solemn and conventional on the other. In European culture black is the color of death sadness or grief while in Asian countries black color presents the positive meanings.

Basically all the natural black flowers are actually the very dark shades of purple, burgundy or maroon and there are also some tinted black flowers available too. Usually black flowers are not liked to be gifted as they mean farewell or departure so never go for gifting black flowers to a loved one of yours until and unless you want to deliver the message of breaking up to them. While being a symbol of sophistication and elegance the black flowers like a bouquet of black calla lily can be gifted when accompanied with fine diamonds, pearl or gold jewelry.

Black flowers appear nice when used with yellow flowers in arrangements as they are really bright. On the other hand the deep purple and burgundy flowers used with blacks will also give a complete look of charm of black. Emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red flowers also appear bright in combination with black flowers.

The different flowers found in black color and what message they convey; the guide is here for you.

Black lily



Black Calla Lilies

Mystery,Elegance, Decadence, Lustiness


Black Orchid

Power, Absolute authority


Black Rose

Death, Hatred, Farewell, Revenge


Black Tulip

Farewell, Power, Strength


Black Carnation

Mourning, Death


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