Basic Designs in Making Floral Arrangements

There is no doubt that flowers are the prettiest creation of God on this earth but their beauty is further enhanced when they are being arranged perfectly by an expert florist who just arrange the flowers with him in a way that from each and every angle their beauty appears to be doubled. Floristry is the talent named for arranging flowers into form of floral bouquets baskets and in any other way that we proudly present to our loved ones as a token of love and care from our self. There are different styles, types and principles of flower arrangement and so are the 3 different basic designs of making any floral arrangement. These are line Arrangement of flowers, Mass arrangement of flowers and Line-Mass arrangement of flowers. Now any floral arrangement that is prepared is based on any one of these three basic designs or those derived from these.

Line Arrangement of Flowers:
Designs poised principally of line material have a least number of flowers and foliage based in the main area. The open form accentuates the beauty of the plant material. A bare branch, a piece of ornamental wood or a pine branch creates a well-defined line design. The adding up of a few flowers and leaves is all that is required to accomplish a striking effect.

Mass Arrangement of Flowers:
Bursting, flowing and proportioned, a munificent blend of flowers arranged in an ornamented china vase depicts the typical mass design so evocative of Victorian lavishness and elegance. Mass designs are generally created in triangular, oval, circular or fan shapes.

Line-Mass Arrangement of Flowers:
Line-mass designs take up the use of accumulation for a larger sense of depth. Plant material is placed to structure an organized outline and massed to create a central area with gradual changes from line at the fringe of the arrangement to mass within the central axis. Line-mass designs have an open form with proportioned or irregular balance.

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