Backyard Garden Ideas for Kids

Gardening is a very benefiting activity for people of all ages and brings out multiple positive effects as outcomes. It helps in better fitness, health, increases the patience in people involved in activity and brings one closer to nature. This activity can prove very beneficial for kids also. So if you have a garden or a backyard that you use for growing different plants and vegetables and you have kids at home than do reserve a part of your yard for plantation to be done by your kids. This will make them learn very well about the nature and life cycle of plants and many other things. The area dedicated to children can be turned into a thematic bed for plants.

As growing plants is an activity that requires activeness and continuous efforts for better growth so this develops the patience in children also that will be really helpful for them in their upcoming life. Moreover, as children of today’s time are involved more into activities confined within homes like video games and computers so this gardening can turn out to be a breakthrough towards the change in pattern of their life and they will spend time in open fresh air that will bring positive impact over their health. The different themes that can be used for the kids allotted plot may be any one of the following.

Pizza Garden:
Pizza is a food that is commonly loved by almost all children so that children planting area can be dedicated to pizza topping products. Like tomatoes, bell pepper, parsley, oregano, basil, garlic and others. You can mate a circle by placing stake in center and than outlining the circle with thread and dividing it further into 8 parts like of pizza and in each part plant a different thing.

Butterfly Garden:
Let’s teach kids about butterfly life cycle in your own backyard. Make the kids area the butterfly garden and grow the plants that are liked by adult butterflies and larvae both. This will encourage butterflies to come and lay eggs on your plants and they’ll turn into caterpillars. The plants liked by adults and caterpillars are milkweed, cone flower, marigold, black eyed Susan, oregano and parsley cabbage, mustard, clover respectively.

Herb Garden:

Herb gardens are going to prove very interesting for your children because since long back in the history the herbs had been used for multiple of purposes. So whichever herb you select for planting in the children dedicated area to your yard go for a little research for your kid for each of those as to for what purposes each of the herb is being used. Mostly children think that herbs are used as spice in food but make them learn that how herbs are used in medicines, insect repellents, for making dyes, crafts and many more things. There are endless possibilities to work on when it comes to gardening herbs.

These are few of the interesting ideas that can make your child active and provide them with so much knowledge by applying things practically themselves. Develop your child’s interest in gardening and see his or her personality getting groomed indirectly.

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