April Birth Flower

Birth month flowers mean a lot when it comes to gifting some one the flowers that are associated with their birth month. April birth month flowers are sweet pea and Daisy. It is always difficult to select flowers for a loved one over their birthday but the choice becomes really easy once you know the flowers for their birth month. Somehow these flowers are chosen keeping in view the personality traits of the people who born in certain months so those flowers also deliver the messages that go with their personality. One should always go for getting the flowers that are loved by the one whom you want to gift them but if you don’t know that than the best flowers to gift on birthdays are the birth month flowers.

Daisies are associated with innocence. The gerbera daisy has large colorful blooms, which has made it a favorite with flower lovers. The Gerbera Daisy is also known as the African daisy, Transvaal Daisy, Gerb, and Barberton Daisy. It is one of the most popular cut flowers. These large bold April birth flower come in dozens of colors and work well in almost any arrangement. The Gerbera daisy has become the most valued daisy variety due to its gallant and outstanding appearance.

The meaning of the April Birth Flower, the Sweet pea is Good-bye or Blissful Pleasure. The hidden message of the Birth Flower, the Sweet pea, so favored during the Victorian era was “Thank You for a Lovely Time”. The colors of the April Birth Flower, the Sweet pea, are extremely varied because so many varieties have been developed. Sweet peas therefore come in a huge mix of soft colors and bi-colors.

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