Advantages of Organic Vegetables

With the passing time the awareness about different issues in people has been increasing. Especially people are becoming more concerned about the food that they consume. In food items now mostly vegetables and fruits are thought to be sometimes harmful because of the uses of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides used by commercial growers in their farms. Organic vegetables and fruits consumption concept is rising more and more but they are apparently expensive than the normal vegetables and fruits available in markets. Many people have started growing organic vegetables in their own gardens and yards to avoid the higher costs and gain the benefits of healthier vegetables too. It is easy to grow vegetables organically and the benefits from the organically grown vegetables are countless.

Augmented Nutrients:
Cancer is a very common disease that people are found to be suffering from since last few years. When vegetables are grown organically the nutrients in them are increased. Like, in organically grown tomatoes the flavinoid levels are 79% higher than the tomatoes grown non-organically. Flavinoid is a nutrient that actually creates the antioxidants that help in fighting with cancer. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system of humans and that helps in catering with this killing disease. If maintained organically the nutrient contents of soil remain increasing each year and eventually the nutrient level in vegetables grown in that soil rises too. Many cancer societies have started to encourage the use of organic vegetable to reduce the risk of cancer.

Pesticides Free & Nitrate Free Vegetables:
Organic vegetables contain lower levels of nitrates and other toxic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Pesticides are proved to be so dangerous that they can damage nerves, can cause cancer and birth defects. The vegetables that are non organic and treated with pesticides and other chemicals during the growth are harmful for children because their internal organs are yet not mature and they can not stand the harmful chemical effects. Families should use organic vegetable in order to reduce the risk of facing the above mentioned health problems.

Secure Growing Practices:
How the earth has been destroyed after the industrial revolution is something that is now realized by almost every person on the earth. There are needs of working for green living and healthier planet at every scale even at the individual level. A factor playing a very major role in Environmental pollution is the overload of nitrate in chemical fertilizers. Organic growing brings up the sustainable agricultural practices. Sustainable agriculture have benefits in many ways, like, it positively effects environmental health, protects natural resources and put its contribution in economic and social equity. Organic growing is beneficial for the growers, consumers and for planet over all.

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