5 Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Extra Tree Boughs

You’ve pruned your Christmas tree to a nice shape and ended up with more leftover boughs than you know what to do with. Well, don’t just throw them all out. You can use tree boughs to create fun holiday decorations for your home or even your head!

Keep reading to learn more about Christmas decoration ideas using extra tree boughs.

  1.  Classic wreath.


Classic Christmas Wreath

You can’t have an article on decorating with Christmas tree boughs without mentioning the jolly old wreath!

Gardening buff and blogger Dolores Monet has provided a detailed guide on how to make a wreath by hand using tree boughs. You will need a wreath form, florist wire, pruning shears or clippers, extra tree boughs, and whatever you’d like to use to decorate the wreath—or whatever Christmas stuff you have around the house.

Basically, it’s just a matter of covering the wreath form with overlapping layers of tree boughs, attached with florist wire, so that the base doesn’t show.

  1.  Mini-Christmas tree in a pot.


Potted Christmas Tree

For this little decoration, stuff your tree boughs into a small pot, sticking straight up or diagonally. If you need to, you can use florist wire to shape them.

Then, turn your potted creation into a miniature Christmas tree. You can either decorate it in the same style as your big tree or give it a funky twist.

Try using tiny ornaments, ribbons, fabric scraps, garland scraps, or bows. Use this mini-tree to add a festive touch to areas that might otherwise be a bit neglected, such as the bathroom or back porch.

  1.  Boughs of pine.


Pine Bough

Deck the halls with boughs of holly—or pine, rather, when you make your own Christmas tree garlands.

Buy some sisal cording, available at craft shops, and clip it to the length you want your pine garland to be. Cut your tree boughs into pieces of equal size and attach them to the cord with florist wire, using each one to cover the stem of the one before it.

When you are done, add some finishing touches and hang your creation high up on the wall or nail it in around the front door.

  1.  Unforgettable party headband!


Christmas Party Headband

Tired of wearing the same Santa hat to every Christmas party? Surprise everyone by wearing tree boughs on your head instead!

Entrepreneur and crafts aficionado Meg from Sarasota, Florida sells a very creative tree bough headband in her Etsy shop. She made it by attaching pieces of pine boughs and pine cones to a satin headband. Meg used fake pine boughs to make the headband more comfortable, however, so be careful not to poke other guests if you make one using the real thing!

  1.  Distinctive centerpiece.

Want a centerpiece that will look good and smell good?

First, grab a few long, shallow bowls. Stick a candle in each one—electric candles are the safest choice and many look very realistic. Then, cut your tree boughs into small pieces and fill each bowl with them, fluffing them around the candle.


Christmas Centerpiece

Finally, throw in some dried seed pods, green beads, and red beads. It’s a cheap and easy way to give your dinner table some extra oomph.

Now, aren’t you happy you have so many extra tree boughs to work with? 

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