More About Flowers

There is no limit to the flowers that are found in this world and so are the huge number of interesting things about them. We often look around us and find such beautiful flowers that mesmerize us through their colors and beauty but there are many things that we just can not observe by just… Continue reading More About Flowers

Express Love through Flowers

Flowers have the widest and most strong language of world that has the strength to express each and every feeling of a human. You name an emotion and you’ll find numerous flowers that will help you in delivering that emotion of yours to the one whom you want to get it delivered. When it comes… Continue reading Express Love through Flowers


Chrysanthemums, frequently called mums, are a type of about 30 species of Perennial Flowering plants. The flowers are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The chrysanthemum is also recognized as the flower of November. Culinary uses:In some parts of Asia, a sweet drink is made by boiling yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers. This beverage is… Continue reading Chrysanthemums

Birthday Trends in USA

Birthdays since always have been a great day to celebrate for an individual since the birthday celebrations started round the world after the invention of the calendars. There has been an amazing fact related to the birthdays celebrated in USA that around 9% of American population that is 21 million people celebrate their birthdays in… Continue reading Birthday Trends in USA

Flowering Bonsai Care

The growth of a perfect bonsai tree entirely depends upon how much do you know about the plant care of these miniatures. In fact, to grow and care for a bonsai tree is quite easy. The plant care is almost as same as for the normal plants. A little difference is that they require a… Continue reading Flowering Bonsai Care

Wedding Flowers

Wedding is the grandest day in life of any person and the couple getting married that day wants to make everything happen perfectly on this special day. Mostly people adopt some color theme for the wedding and the decorations are than done in accordance to it. Flowers can never be forgotten when it comes to… Continue reading Wedding Flowers

Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants

Grass and weeds is big enemy like pests and animals for all the gardeners. These become more difficult for the gardeners who grow edible plants because they can not use herbicides or pesticides around their plants because that will not leave their plants as edible after that. The only way out for gardeners of edible… Continue reading Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants