Preserving Flowers with Sand

Fresh flowers are loved by all this is something commonly known but flowers are loved a lot even when they are not fresh ad preserved in form of dried flowers to form beautiful dry floral arrangements. There are numerous different ways of preserving flowers for making dried floral arrangements and one of very unique one… Continue reading Preserving Flowers with Sand

Keeping Dried Flowers

If you want to add some natural touch to floral arrangements, wreaths or framed art you should use dried flowers. There is great variety of flowers available that you can dry up like the ones that you pick up from your garden or those that you buy from the florist. Fresh flowers have a very… Continue reading Keeping Dried Flowers

Wedding Flowers Ideas

So we were discussing about the flowers to find for the wedding that should match the theme too. The most important amongst all are the bride and bridesmaid bouquets and for that you need to consider the colors of the dresses. The flowers chosen for the bouquets should compliment the dress color. Usually when people… Continue reading Wedding Flowers Ideas


Lilies are one of the most gorgeous and graceful summer-blooming flowers. Lilies belong to the Lilium genus which contains more than 100 species. Lilies offer a vast variety of sizes, colors and shapes, and are commonly available all across the globe, particularly in the northern hemisphere.Lilies are thought to be the oldest cultivated ornamental flowers,… Continue reading Lilies

Rainforest Themed Center Piece

Rainforests are lush, green, abundant and brilliantly-colored through the plumage of birds and flowers. Now when it comes to preparing a center piece that is rain forest themed than it should be flocked with exotic flowers like bird of paradise, ginger flowers, orchids, protea and anthuriums. If you will use the flowers only to create… Continue reading Rainforest Themed Center Piece

How To Care For Roses

Roses are the prettiest flowers to have around. It is always great and feelssuperb if we get cut flowers and they are roses. Once either we buy the roses as cut flowers ourselves or receive it from a loved one as a token of love in any case we want those flowers to keep refreshing… Continue reading How To Care For Roses

Lilies Delivery in USA

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is widely used in the floral arrangements as cut flower. There is a huge variety found all over the world for lilies in different colors and shapes. Lilies basically belong to the Asia but is now found and cultivated in all parts of… Continue reading Lilies Delivery in USA