Etiquettes of Sending Flowers

Sending or gifting flowers is something very common all around the world. No matter what the occasion is, it is something to cherish or something that makes one sad flowers are so strong that they are able to deliver your feelings with complete intensity and power as you want them to be delivered. Our sentiments… Continue reading Etiquettes of Sending Flowers

Importance of Flowers in our Life

The giving of flowers as gifts initiates from Turkey in around the seventeenth century. It was the beginning of floriography that appealed a wide audience. In medieval times, flowers were linked with ethical connotations as well. Like, white roses or lilies are associated with the Christian religious symbolism of chastity or virginity. The giving of… Continue reading Importance of Flowers in our Life

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Wedding the grand day in any one’s life is always expected by the couple to go perfect. Flowers are an essential part of all the beauty and décor of the wedding from bridal bouquet to the centerpieces and decorations. Here is a guide for you all as to which flowers are available in what season… Continue reading Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers & Classes of People

Flowers their classes and their colors all hold so vast array of meanings and representations that nothing in this world would exist that could not be depicted through the flowers. There are so many flowers in the world that they can not even be all known. Each flower and plant has different species in hundreds… Continue reading Flowers & Classes of People

Wedding Trends in Canada

Wedding is religiously and worldly a very important and auspicious occasion that is celebrated in all parts of the world on great scales to share the joy of a couple with all its loved ones for they tie the knot of togetherness and love with each other. Around the world although weddings are celebrated but… Continue reading Wedding Trends in Canada

Backyard Garden Ideas for Kids

Gardening is a very benefiting activity for people of all ages and brings out multiple positive effects as outcomes. It helps in better fitness, health, increases the patience in people involved in activity and brings one closer to nature. This activity can prove very beneficial for kids also. So if you have a garden or… Continue reading Backyard Garden Ideas for Kids


Ikebana has its roots way backed to the sixth century. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. It is derived from two Japanese words IKE that means pond and HANA that means flower so it makes it pond flower. So basically it is an art of arranging flowers in water. It evolved from the… Continue reading IKEBANA

Tulips Delivery in UK

Tulips are generally associated with The Netherlands. However, commercial cultivation of the flower started during the Ottoman Empire. Special attention has been given to these beautiful flowers in classic as well as modern Persian literature. The tulip was a topic for Persian poets way back in the thirteenth century. Tulip era (or Lale Devri in… Continue reading Tulips Delivery in UK