What You Need To Remember When Selecting Flowers For A Wedding Day

Planning your own or someone else’s big day is a really big task and responsibility that you wouldn’t want to mess up. Obviously, a bad wedding day is equal to lots of bad memories for the years to come. And amidst everything, the flowers play a really big part. Interestingly, if not done right, they can also ruin your image pretty fast. Consider these things when selecting flowers so that you avoid making floral mistakes on your wedding day.

Do your homework

So, if you’re totally clueless about what flowers to incorporate in your wedding, start with the basics – like I really needed to tell you that! Flip through magazines with beautifully photographed flowers, or take a tour of a local botanical garden or a greenhouse to get the real feel for some good ideas. Also, try learning the different meanings of flowers so that they can play a bigger role in your wedding by sending out emotions and feelings other than just being a decorative element and a budget drainer. Oh did I just say budget? Aah yes… your homework also includes knowing how much you’re willing to spend on them. By the time you’re done homeworking, you should probably have a wish-list or must-have list prepared. If not, may the Lord help you!

The color and the season

Of course, always consider the color of flowers you want on your wedding. Not only should the color you choose complement the color of your wedding dress, but it should also work well with the theme of your wedding and also with the color of the pretty dresses you choose for your bridesmaids – if they’re pretty that is! Also, choosing a color that’s readily available in the season will also help you to get good deals in prices as seasonal flowers and colors tend to be cheaper than picking something that’s out of season.

Plan how you want to use them

Aah yes; important question to ask yourself; do you want your wedding flowers to be limited to your bouquet, or do you want your wedding to look like its being held at a corner in Dubai’s Miracle Gardens? Wedding flowers can be either simple or extravagant depending on how you want to have your wedding. You might want to identify what it is that you want to do with yours. Bouquets, arches, on the altar, on centerpieces and tables, chancel steps, windowsills, here and there, everywhere, etc.; need to know where and how much you want. There are flowers that best suit each purpose and location. Not to mention, you can only have a big garden type wedding if your budget allows you to.
The bouquet trumps everything

Yes it does – even if you have no flowers in the decoration! No matter what you do or don’t do with the floral decorations on your wedding day, the bridal bouquet should be and has to be the most spectacular of all the floral assortments of the day. At the end of the day, people will only be looking at the bride, what she’s wearing, and what she’s holding in her hand. Also, if there’s no bouquet, then there’s going to be nothing for all the other girls waiting in line to catch, no?

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