Ways to Remove Grass and Weeds Grown Around Edible Plants

Grass and weeds is big enemy like pests and animals for all the gardeners. These become more difficult for the gardeners who grow edible plants because they can not use herbicides or pesticides around their plants because that will not leave their plants as edible after that. The only way out for gardeners of edible plants is to use mechanicals and horticultural controls to take over these encroachers. Weeds and grass harm the growth of plants too because they take up and share the nutrients needed by your plants. Grass and weeds can be removed by pulling them off the ground or by repressing them with thick mulch in edible gardens. There are many gardeners who are so frustrated at these encroachers that they go for adopting both the methods in order to be sure that grass and weeds have been removed from around the edible plants effectively and completely.

  •  Soak the yard or garden of yours well with much of water 24 hours before you plan to pull the weeds off the ground or you can do this after a soaking rain because in both cases the soil will become loosened and it will become easier for you to pull off the weeds.
  •  Now you will have to pull the grass or weeds by hand and while grasping each of the growth from its crown and than pulling it out so that you make sure that the encroachers are completely removed from the place with there roots and immediately throw the pulled off weeds and grass into the garbage bin and do not let it remain on ground.
  •  To avoid the growth of weeds or grass you should skim your top soil that is about an inch deep once or twice every week. This disturbs the seedlings of these unwanted plants growing and do not let them grow further. You can leave these seedlings on your disturbed soil and they will die out themselves by drying in sun.
  •  It is good if you apply 3 to 4 inches of mulch over the exposed area around your edible plants this will suppress the existing grass or weeds and discourage the growth of new unwanted plants. A thick even carpet should be spread by you all over the exposed area and whenever you will rake or hoe you soil this will keep on mixing the mulch in your soil and will add nutrients to it and this will be beneficial for your plants. You will have to maintain the thickness of mulch up to 3 inches so keep adding the mulch to maintain the thickness whenever you rake.
  •  Keep monitoring your gardening area every day and remove any weeds or grass grown by hand or disturb the soil by raking if seedlings are observed to be growing.

Your Mulch should include shredded barks, leaves, and grass or wood chips.

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