Ways to Make Flowers & Fruits Centerpieces

Flowers and fruits baskets have been used as center pieces since long ago in history but this has now become something too traditional. We can bring big changes by doing something creative with these traditional centerpieces styles. Mostly the flowers are being used as centerpieces during parties and weddings or on other events or sometimes the fruit baskets are used as centerpieces over formal dinners. A nice change can be brought by creating out the centerpieces that are made of both flowers and fruits now these would go for all the occasions and would accommodate perfectly for dinners, weddings or parties. Create a decadent and sensational environment through your collection of colorful flowers and fruits. This have the strength to provide you with basic theme for the whole event too as centerpieces actually serve as the focal points of tables. Be it a summer party or a dinner on a cold night selection of right flowers and fruits and their colors could create a never forgetting ambiance.

This is how you are going to work

  1.  Basically the first thing you need to do is to decide that with flowers in your arrangement the fruits that you want to keep will be edible ones or the non-edibles. If it’s a centerpiece with edible fruits then they are needed to be washed properly and are prepared so they are ready to be eaten. Melon balls and cherries can be used in summer meals and this would serve as refreshing sideline too. More over chocolate dipped strawberries and other frosted dipped and glazed fruits can also make a good and presentable centerpiece. If you plan to prepare a centerpiece that is not edible than add fruits like lime, lemon and pomegranates that can not be eaten without preparation.
  2.  If it’s a wedding than a combination of roses and blossoms with chocolate dipped strawberries in centerpieces would create a very romantic environment. Selection of the right flowers is very important to make it a never forgetting arrangement. Baby breath and other bright summer flowers will go best with melons and cherries arrangement. While larger flowers can be used with arrangements made of non edible fruits.
  3.  You can prepare these arrangements in a tray, plate, bowl, dish or tiered cake stand. There need to be excellent planning in the arrangement so the blooms and fruits remain separate in edible arrangements because guests should not feel hindrance in having their snacks due to blooms stuck to them. You may use vases to arrange flowers set within the trays and bowls of fruits.
  4.  Place of your fruits and flower centerpiece should be in a way that it remains easily reachable for each of the guest either over each table in the sitting area or kept in such a way near tables that it accommodates all guests. Fruits should also be used in enough quantity so all guests could be entertained. This centerpiece can be kept on buffet table too to appear more attractive among the usual dishes served.

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