Types of Passion Flowers

Now there are some amazing plants and trees from which you can have double advantage as you can have both fruit and beautiful flowers from them. Passionflower plant is one of those which have very delicious fruits and as there are hundreds of different species so the types of fruit and flowers differ too in size, smell and color. This plant provides with a great variety to gardeners to grow something great in their garden. These are basically vines and their foliage is lovely. The flavor of all different species also differs and so it provides a great variety.

Regular Passionflower:
The common passionflower the one in blue color hails from Argentina and is named Passiflora caerulea. The fruit of this plant is not eaten raw but when cooked it tastes more of like black berry. The flowers of this range in shades like from sky blue to violet blue.

Passion fruit Vine:
This one belongs to south central South America and is basically grown commercially for obtaining the fruit and juices. Its fruits are found in yellow or purple color and flowers are of white and purple color.

Yellow Passionflower:
Yellow passionflower grows naturally in acidic pinelands of Central America. It has blooms that are small and spider like and grow in bulk in hot weather.

Red Passionflower:
This specie of passionflower belongs to Amazon basin of South America. It has bright blood-red flowers and the fruits are edible ones in yellow or orange color.

Fragrant Passionflower:
This specie is a special one that is native to Brazil. This has a very strong fragrance and its flowers are huge s they have a diameter of 6 inches. Its flowers are found in deep fuchsia-pink and purple colors.

Goat-Scented Passionflower:
This specie has around 50 different varieties named and is native to Latin America. It has blooms in rose-purple and white color that smell sweet and musky.

Giant Passionflower:
This specie of passionflowers belongs to West Indies and Central America and is also know as watermelon passionflower because of its smell and flavor of orange-yellow fruits.

Purple Passionflower:
This specie is native to America and is also called maypop or apricot vine. Its flowers are frilly in lavender-violet color and bears edible yellowish fruits.

Except these few mentioned above there are around further more than 450 species of passionflower that grow in different regions of the world. There are many hybrid species grown too worldwide that are planted by gardeners mixing two or three species of passionflower.

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