Tips to Maintain Indoor Plants

Plant lovers like to see plants and flowers around them everywhere, indoors or outdoors. Indoor planting is a hobby or activity that not only satisfies the aesthetic sense of any person but also gives a brighter and fresher look to the area around. Well they can also prove to be a very good source of providing fresh oxygen to people within closed places too like homes where ventilation is usually not well both in summers and winter due to being remaining packed. It is really easy and just few cares are needed to be taken to make indoor plants thrive but still people fail to do that. The reason for this is that most of the people do not know how to maintain the indoor plants actually. Here are some steps you need to take if you want your indoor plants to thrive.

  1.  As indoor plants are not under direct sunlight so the moisture remains in soil for long its not turning into vapors due to heat. This means you do not need to water your indoor plants much. But this doesn’t mean anyway that they should be watered so less that it causes them to wilt. While if you’ll overly water your plants due to non presence of sunlight there are very higher chances that the roots will get rotten. Just remember all you need to do is to keep the soil in flower pot moist not saturated in water.
  2.  Always water the soil in flower pot directly never water the foliage because the same will remain the problem no direct or very less indirect sunlight will let them remain moist for longer and this may cause the development of bacteria. Water the soil until it starts to drain.
  3.  Do not keep plants new windowsills at night do remember to remove them from there because definitely the plants would like to have sunlight at day time through the window but as nights are colder specially during winters so this may kill your indoor plants.
  4.  There should be an even temperature maintained throughout the whole day variations in temperature all day long will harm your indoor plants so normally at day time maintain temperature somewhere from 65 to 75 Fahrenheit while at night it should be no less than 55 Fahrenheit.
  5.   The plants needing high humidity levels like Orchids should be placed either in kitchens or in bathrooms as they’ll do very well there.
  6.  Take water soluble plant food each month and fertilize your indoor plants with it but do not fertilize the dormant plants for growth.
  7.  When the plants become too big for their pots you need to repot them. Disturb the root system very carefully it should not be destroyed and wait for 3 to 5 days after repotting the plant. This much time is taken by plants to start thriving again when repotted.
  8.  Take care that your plants do get the indirect sunlight for at least six hours in a day. So you need to place them in a way that they do get this much of light and almost all indoor plants remain well with this type of light.

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