Tips to Grow Edible Mushrooms

Mushrooms are healthy and very different type of gourmet vegetable that is easily grown at homes. This will sound amazing to many people because it is thought commonly that it is not possible to grow mushrooms like this because of being unable to determine the poisonous or edible ones. Mushrooms are usually found expensive too so you can easily save your time and money by growing them at home and in fact can earn big too f you plot them on a larger space and supply them to local market. Mushrooms are liked very much in pizzas also and that is the most loved food of children today so it will be great to have mushrooms at home and you’ll be able to put them in good quantity without worrying about the price. You will need just few household materials and you can start growing mushrooms any time. Get the inoculated saw dust and from that you can grow mushrooms at homes because they grow from spores instead of seeds. The common types of edible mushrooms grew at household scale are button, oyster, shitake and portabella.

  1.  The first thing you need to do is to go and order the saw dust inoculated with edible mushroom spores. There are several fungi-interest sites working over internet so you can find anyone and order according to your residential location.
  2.  Take the unwaxed cardboard pieces that should be at least 2 by 3 feet in size to allow the proper growing area to mushrooms. You will need to soak the cardboards in water for around an hour.
  3.  Now after being soaked for an hour you will have to peel the cardboard until the corrugated side is all exposed.
  4.  Now you will have to coat this corrugated part of cardboard with the sawdust that you ordered. Initially your mushrooms will start to grow over these cardboards.
  5.  Now you will have to roll the cardboard in the same way as you roll your burrito and keep the sawdust coated part inside and late clip the corners either by stapling them or by taping.
  6.  Mushrooms need cold dark place to grow so you will need to keep these rolled cardboards at a place that do not experience temperature any higher than 70 degree Fahrenheit. This can be a shady area in your garden or a darker corner in your greenhouse.
  7.  Another thing that mushrooms want is moisture so keep the area moist and do mist the cardboard everyday so the moisture encourages the humidity and that will cause the spores to grow.
  8.  Now there is nothing to be done than waiting for your mushrooms to grow. Now there can not be any estimated time for the growth of mushrooms as they may take time of se4veral weeks to several months to be mature. The sign of their readiness of harvesting is just when the cap is fully opened.

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