Summer Wedding Flowers

Wedding is one of the most important days in everyone’s life as this is the day when people get into the relationship with someone to whom they can call their very own and that is the most different relationship that comes into one’s life. Till being married we have parents, siblings, cousins and friends in our lives but once a person gets married he or she finds out the person who acts as their sole mate and people hardly long for anyone else than. Each relation in one’s life holds a different value but the value that a better half holds in one’s life is higher and most different amongst all. If looked around in most parts of the world summer is the most favorite time for weddings and every wedding is incomplete without flowers around. Amazingly most flower ranges are also found in summers as flowers are blooming to their maximum in this season.

Whenever a wedding is decided a bride is more concerned about the bridal dress and the flowers for arrangement and for the bridal bouquet. Actually the matter is simple the whole environment of wedding area or reception area as well as church depends over how beautifully it is decorated. So it is really important to figure out as to which flowers should be used. As summer is a busy wedding time so the bride and groom be very sure of their choice of flowers and well in advance because at this time florists are excessively busy too in handling out so many of wedding so be careful so you do not fail in finding the flowers that you like. The best part about the wedding in summer is that you will find about almost every flower so you have a great range of flowers available to choose form in terms of type, colors, sizes and everything.

Favorite pastel colors used in summers include cool blues and pale yellows. While the bold purples, brilliant reds and oranges really suit this season too. If you want to make your wedding appear all bright and sunny than choose the red, yellow and orange roses for bouquets and even for setting up in bride’s hairs too. Well if it is about celebrating the modern wedding than choosing sunflowers as the flower is also a nice option. The other cut flowers that are widely opted for summer wedding for different purposes like bridal bouquets, boutonnières or central arrangements for tables or for any other décor are:

  • foxglove
  • hyacinth
  • bachelor buttons
  • geraniums in pink, red, white, blue
  • hollyhock
  • moss rose
  • lilies
  • poppy in red, orange, yellow
  • carnations
  • daisy
  • pansy
  • berries such as Blueberry or Raspberry

Outdoor locations are also chosen for weddings in summers so that may help in determining the flowers too like for if a wedding is taking place in a botanical garden the flowers grown in that garden can be chosen for decoration while if a wedding is celebrated on a beach than deep blue iris and bachelors buttons with sand colored tulips will create a really amazing effect while on the other hand at such a venue sunny yellow and fiery red poppies will work perfectly too.

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