Seven Soul-Stimulating Energies Achieved By Floral Arrangements

A concept of soul-stimulating energies was introduced to all the flower lovers and that how the floral arrangements can act as Vitamin F for you. The function performed by Vitamin F is proved to be performed by floral arrangements equally. The seven soul-stimulating energies are gratitude, wellness, inspiration and motivation, love and romance, new beginnings, serenity and prosperity. Now learn how to just make the first three of these energies gratitude, wellness, inspiration and motivation evolve in your home and other indoor places to provide you with an environment satisfying all the needs of the above mentioned emotions in a human.

Gratitude: A feeling that reminds us to remain Thankful to God for all the blessings in our life

Suitable Colors: Go for a low clustered arrangement using all shade of pink this will make you appear more receptive to other by opening you heart. For this the flowers that I would suggest are Ranunculus, Alstroemeria, tulips, spray roses.
Container Style: Use glass vase of any size as it is transparent so it depicts openness.
In Home: If you are creating this arrangement to place this at your home than the right place to put it is nightstand, dresser or kitchen because in that case you will be able to thank for the blessings both at the start and end of the day.

Wellness: Inducing balanced feelings of mind, body and spirit.

Colors: Use yellow as the primary color for this emotion, as yellow represents the sun, life force and health. Mix the yellow flowers with the green that’s the healing energy of nature and white reflecting serenity. Flowers to be used are Gerbera, carnations, solidago, hydrangea (white or green), callas, pompons, chrysanthemums.
Container style: Go for bamboo, wood or terra-cotta made vase that’s either oval or round in shape. The material and shape both will represent the earth’s element.
In Home: The best place in home to locate this floral arrangement is a living room or family room because this will enhance the environment of your space for relaxation and meditation.

Inspiration & Motivation: Reconstruction of energy with infusion of soul

Colors: Red is the color to be chosen as it characterizes motivation, power, courage and fame. You can add emotions of enthusiasm and liveliness by adding range and fuchsia colors with red. Suggested flowers for this particular soul-stimulating energy arrangement are Roses, callas, Asiatic lilies, snapdragons and hypericum.
Container style: A tall vase will be suitable for this floral arrangement either mirrored or metal one. This will encourage inspiration depiction through this floral arrangement. While the mirrors boost positive energies and bring good luck.
In Home: Any place in home particular a workplace or office within home is the right place for locating this type of floral arrangement so anyone can feel encouraged wishing to reach the stars and live the life to fullest.

Bring these three soul-stimulating forces to your home and wait for the next four to some up……

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