Saving Pepper Plants from Bugs

Many people like growing their own bell peppers, chilies and other varieties of sweet and hot peppers to make their foods taste better and of more flavor. There are many people who often grow other vegetables at their homes too as this provides a great awareness to children too in order to learn how nature works and how they get fruits and vegetables for their food. But each and every gardener when growing plants or vegetable always fear for facing the problem of bugs and insects attacking their harvest to ruin it. The most commonly observed insect pests are white flies, spider-mites, aphides or scale that attack your produce. When it comes to fruits or vegetables people want to remain away from using insecticides available commercially in order to avoid any side effects that may cause their vegetables and fruits to become poisonous or harming for their health. So here are some natural methods for you to control pests from harming your harvest.

  1.  The first thing for you is to recognize what pest has attacked your plants. For this here is the basic knowledge of how each of the above mentioned pests appears to look like. Aphids are green and small and are hardly around 1/8th of an inch in size. Scale appears as small armored tank and another thing that will help you in its recognition that once mature it remains at the same place always over your plant. If there are ants near your plants than definitely either you have aphids or scale on your plants because ants use them for a sticky substance they secrete. White flies can be seen easily mostly on the undersides of the leaves and they cause fungal diseases to plants. Spider mites create web effect on your plants and are too small to be visible to naked eye you can only seek for webs.
  2.  To secure your plants from all these pests make a solution of 1 tablespoon of ivory dish soap with a quart of water. You can also add one tablespoon of canola oil and one tablespoon of garlic paste with some hot pepper5 to the soap liquid if you want to remain on safe side for securing your plants from all of these pests. Pour the mix in a spray bottle and spray it over plants every couple of days.
  3.  To catch white flies around you pepper plants you need to hand some sticky traps. Soap mixture works but it is hard to finish all at all times.
  4.  Spider mites are really dangerous so you need to take steps as soon as you observe ay web over your pepper plant leaves. To keep pests away you need to water plants regularly and well. Use your hose to spray water with sharp stream over plants and observe the population. If you find any increase immediately use the soap mixture mentions above.
  5.  Use tangle foot named product on the main stem of your plant so ants remain away from your plants.
  6.  You can also reduce the pests by introducing beneficial insects and pollen plants in your garden. Beneficial insects like ladybugs love to eat aphids. This will be a naturally great help to you. You may have these beneficially insects automatically if you grow parsley, lemon balm and other herbs in your garden.

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