Preserving Fresh Flowers & Keeping Their Color

Flowers are wonder and they are loved by all equally. Anyone who gets the flowers over an occasion that they cherish or when they have lost a family member and they are blue on each and every such event nothing can sound better than flowers. No doubt flowers are best to express any kind of feelings. Flowers are loved so much by many people that they even get flowers themselves for bringing in the colors inside their homes too. These flowers can be picked from self grown flowering plants of your own garden or from florist.

What so ever is the mean of getting the flowers the only thing common besides all this is that every one want to keep their flowers saved and fresh for as long as possible. Fresh flowers can be kept fresh for no longer than 10 or 12 days no matter how much you take care of them. When you preserve flowers they loose their colors, you can however keep them save this way but definitely they would appear as dry flowers. Now here is a way for you to preserve the colors of your flowers using silica gel and microwave oven at home. You will just need to act quickly in order to save most of the color.

  1.  Take a microwaveable container and cover its bottom with about an inch of silica gel
    2.    Lay your flower in the container in a way that the petals remain facing upwards.
    3.    Pour the left over silica gel on the rest of the flower and make sure that the gel gets in between every petal.
    4.    Now put the container in microwave and microwave the flowers at 45 seconds intervals. Usually it takes 2 to 4 minutes to dry any flower.
    5.    Now take out the container from the microwave and immediately cover it with the lid.
    6.    Remove your flower in silica gel the same way for 24 hours. After that use soft bristle brush to brush off the silica gel off flowers.
    7.    Now finely give mist of acrylic spray to your flowers. Wait for the spray to dry and your flowers are preserved ready to be displayed.

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